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The Hidden Treasures of Genoa

October 21st to 26th 2017

Lecturers: John Julius Norwich and Charles FitzRoy

Genoa remains one of the hidden gems of Italy. Known as La Superba, enjoying a wonderful position on the coast of Liguria, the Republic of Genoa vied for centuries with Venice for mastery of the Mediterranean. The celebrated historian John Julius Norwich will describe this long struggle for maritime supremacy, and bring to light characters such as the great Genoese admiral Andrea Doria, whose descendants still own a wonderful palace in the city.

Genoa benefited mightily from her maritime trade, and the Genoese merchants built a series of magnificent palaces along the Strada Nuova, making this one of the most splendid Renaissance streets in Europe. Artists of the calibre of Rubens and Van Dyck produced much of their best work here, testifying to the artistic taste of the Genoese nobility. The Genoese also served as bankers to the Spanish Habsburgs, and embellished their home city with their vast wealth. It was for the Spanish monarchs Ferdinand and Isabella that Genoa’s most famous son, Christopher Columbus, set out to discover the New World. We will be visiting the finest of these palaces, all privately owned, and looking at the masterpieces of the leading Genoese artists.


Friday October 20th to Wednesday October 25th 2017


Five Nights - £ 3,100
This includes Half Board plus two dinners, all lectures, boat and coach trips and entry fees. We reserve the right to adjust the price should ther e be a significant alteration in the rate of exchange. Please note that the cost of air travel is not included.


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The four-star Hotel Bristol Palace is Genoa’s most luxurious and elegant hotel situated in the heart of the old city near the Ducal Palace.

Single Rooms

There will be a supplement of £500 for single occupancy of a double room.


John Julius Norwich and Charles FitzRoy

Tour Leaders

Charles FitzRoy and Jane Rae

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